10 Ways to Reinvent Your Space

Color Yourself Refreshed Repainting may be the simplest way to turn a room around since it redefines the mood. One strategy is to ditch conventional white and opt for stronger colors — bold reds or deep browns and grays. Lighter colors can make a room feel bigger, and darker colors bring the walls in. Yellow is one example of a color that can really bring a room to life. Do More With Your Floor That space at your feet can significantly impact your room as there are some dramatic options with your flooring. If you have old wall-to-wall carpet, rip it up and replace it with new carpet. If there’s concrete underneath, you can seal it for a stylish industrial loft look. Wood floors can be refinished or even painted while rugs can hide a host of problems if you don’t want to redo the whole floor. Figure Out the Furniture Furniture is one of the main acts in your room reinvention, but don’t think you have to drop a fortune on a new set. Take a less-is-more approach by investing in a few key pieces to add some punch. You can also dramatically change a room simply by rethinking your current layout. Light It Up Do yourself and the room a favor and consider the importance of lighting.Will you need bright lighting for reading and projects or subdued lighting for a cozy feel? Study the room for the best placement and type of lighting. Track lighting is a great way to illuminate art, and it also lets you change where the light shines. Lamps give off a nice, warm light. Recessed lighting in the ceiling sheds quality light while keeping the lighting fixtures almost hidden. Hang Your Art Get out the pictures you want to hang and lean them against the wall or arrange them on the floor to get a first impression. Consider cutting out paper the size of your pictures and tape them to the wall to see the overall pattern. Try to hang art at eye level unless you’re creating a vertical pattern. The best part is you can always switch it out later. Add Class With Molding A wall with tasteful trim can present an elegantly defined look. Crown molding gives a textured transition between the ceiling and your wall while contoured chair molding creates a pleasing horizontal definition, especially when painted a different color from the wall. Display Yourself on Shelves Keep your personality flowing through the room by putting your favorite collectibles on display. A decorative shelf or series of shelving units can nicely show off your figurines or books or vintage record collection. This functional design element can also break up a span of wall and give you more ways to get organized. Add Spice With Accessories Tie the room together with accessories. There are a number of options depending on your style and can include throw rugs, pillows, candles, dried flowers, decorative birdcages, and any tchotckies that appeal to you. Replace That Old Upholstery Give your well-used cushions an inexpensive makeover with stylish new upholstery. Mixing and matching fabrics can help create a new feel in your living room. Add a few pillows to complete the transformation. Make It More Than Just a Wall Turn a wall into a conversation piece by adding an interesting texture or design. Accent walls come in many forms; stone, wood or fabric are most common. Alternately, try an intriguing wallpaper pattern or apply a drywall texture for a novel effect. By TimZiegler