12 Coolest Bedroom Designs

Those living in small spaces have to be creative about dividing up the space, but putting up screens only gets you so far. This ingenious bedroom design is an entire loft bedroom that securely hangs from the ceiling, providing a sleeping space that makes use of high ceilings. Positioned as it is within this particular room, the loft still leaves enough room for adults to stand up beneath it, but is low enough to easily walk into from the elevated portion of the space. The back surface of the loft could even be used as a movie screen.

Although it may seem a little cold and very dangerous if you come home drunk and don’t know how to swim, but this is probably the coolest modern bedroom we have ever seen.

At Berlin’s Propeller Island City Lodge, each of the 30 rooms is weird in its own way. This one was designed to look like a brightly painted medieval town, with an ultra-mini golf course surrounding the castle bed.

Most parents want to surround their children with books, but most don’t take that advice quite so literally. This bookcase bedroom designed by Point Architects in Tokyo is a great example of a Japanese approach to space-saving interior design: why have walls or bookshelves when you can have both in one?

Two Brazilian artists lived for 4 months in 2009 in this bedroom with a bed, hammock, sofa and potted plant – all on the outside wall of a building in Rio de Janeiro. Thankfully, the brothers scrambled over a wall to use the indoor bathroom in the neighboring art gallery.

Designed by Japanese company Atelier OPA, this Kenchikukagu folding bedroom allows apartment dwellers to cramp in all the essential furniture necessary for urban living, without compromising on form or functionality. The company also has mobile and folding designs such as a work station and a kitchen.

This is the suggested bedroom decoration from children’s furniture company Posh Tots. They call it the fantasy bedroom. I bet this would be the dream room of every single little girl in the world. The price of a dream coming true?

$47,000 – that’s the bed only.

Another cool bedroom with a pool inside.

This is the Nautilus Undersea Suite at The Poseidon Resort, Fiji . It’s located 40 ft under the water.

The Fox Hotel in Copenhagen commissioned 21 international artists to create some of the coolest hotel rooms ever created. The hotel has 61 rooms that are all completely different, so choosing between a room with Art Deco inspired furnishings or a room where the walls have patterns taken straight out of a 1960’s psychedelic film or a room where you spend the night in the company of Japanese Manga inspired cartoon characters may well pose a dilemma to some guests.

Also from Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, the Mirror Room is a diamond shaped room lined top to bottom with mirrors giving a kaleidoscope kind of effect.

Awesome kid’s treehouse bedroom – it doesn’t get better than this with hidden drawers, doors, and a bed inside a tree house.

By Gracie Murano @ Oddee