12 Pieces of Furniture You Never Thought Of

  This falls under the category of home fixtures and is mostly impressive by the surreal imagine it creates. It makes one wonder if this is actually what it means to crack open the door. This door gives the impression of having been shattered like glass even though it seems to be a solid door. The functionality of this creation is limited to a decoration and that entitles us to consider it a piece of art rather than a functional element in a home. However, it is interesting to see how the properties of one material are transgressed to another and it can become a decorative element in a modern home if the owners are daring enough and have enough sense of humor. Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, it seems that this designer likes chocolate a bit too much. The minimalistic lamps designed by the Italian architect Ilaria Marelli have the same shape and color with those of a chocolate fountain. Looking at them, it is very hard to refrain from dipping your finger in the chocolate because it seems like there is melting chocolate flowing from inside the lamp. This is an exquisite detail for your home, particularly because of the simple lines and colors used and would be suited in any chic and elegant living room or besides the most modern bed. Since I was talking about beds, here you have a futuristic idea of combining comfort and functionality and adding a touch of fashion. This round, egg shaped like bed is one of the most impressive I have seen and I am saying so because it combines a high level of comfort and coziness with a modern design. Adding to its style, the white colors chosen by the designer create a sense of peace and calm that would soothe even the most agitated mind. As if this were not enough, this bed is equipped with a diffuse light and sound system in order to make you sleep as sweet as possible. Fun, practical and colorful, this glass table is fashionable and interesting. This table design by H.Studio is a perfect example of how much one can play with shape and color to create a piece of art. The design has been intended to make this piece of furniture blend in with any conditions of light and space. The support impresses by the many colors, however this is a plus particularly because of the fact that it can fit into the most modern home and adapt to any color one might to choose as a theme for their room. A combination of movement and static elements, this table is more likely an expression of art taken to the extreme rather than an expression of functionality. The designer says that he got inspired in designing this table by images of running horses, even though the resemblance is not striking. The idea that this table embodies is indeed that of movement, of running adding to the dynamism of every room, nevertheless, the materials used, make it fit better in a room that has the hunt, of the forest as a theme. One might consider it a rather eccentric piece of furniture mostly because of its reduced use in an average home, but it suits perfectly in our article! This piece of furniture is by all means an awkward piece of furniture and it can be fitted in a mountain cabin at its utmost. The design is simple and what makes it so special is the combination of elements that were used to make it a whole. It is a wooden log that has three back seats attached to it. The metallic color of the back seats emphasize the uncommon combination, however, it brings a different dimension to the idea of minimalism. Comfort is not one of the best choices of words to describe this wooden sofa.   The bathroom is a predominantly functional part of a house but designers consider it not less important than all the rest. This is why even though the possibilities are limited by the specific functionality of this space the designers try to outdo themselves by creating the most innovative bathtubs. This bathtub is fully customizable depending on the space available and the color one wants to have. Moreover, it makes a game of light and shadow in the bathroom that one would find most soothing. The materials used for the personalized graphics are non porous and smooth yet not slippery, therefore perfect for any bathroom. The heating system in every home is very important for the comfort one should enjoy. Little has been the interest shown in such a small piece of decoration as the radiators, even though they are used on a large scale, more often than not, their placing is concealed. The interior designer Oliver Keane brings into focus an organic radiator that would make one want to put it out in the open space of their living room because of the stylish and modern aspect it has. The fully modulated system can be of various lengths and sizes fitting it to suite your needs. The design is dazzling and it is an example of combining art with functionality. This bed, or sofa, we still have a little trouble setting the correct terminology for it, is made exclusively out of oak. The structure is reinforced by the many layers of oak put together to support the weight. Moreover, the curved lines and their positioning call for only one support leg. This piece of furniture makes for an interesting décor in your living room; however it might take a lot of your space. The uniqueness of this chair is ensured not only by its design, but also by the fact that it is entirely handmade. As many of you might have already noticed, one tries to search for the use of different materials and objects in order to create the most exquisite piece of furniture. This is the trend in modern furniture design, and the following image does not subtract itself from it. One might think that the sole functionality of a coat hanger is to be used to hang clothes in your dressing, but this designer is determined to prove us wrong. These marvelous chandeliers are made entirely out of coat hangers, and the result is impressive. These modern and stylish chandeliers can be used in any home, all one has to do is pick their favorite material, wood or plastic. Of course, we have saved the best for last. A fireplace is by itself a centerpiece in any living room or bedroom. However, a suspended fireplace is most certainly to leave every guest breathless. This ultra-modern fireplace that consists of a stylish red, black, or white frame, which holds a hanging fireplace burner making it look as if it were flying. The burner is held by fine steel cables so that their visibility is reduced to the minimum. Moreover, the burner is based on ethanol, thus ensuring the warmth and ambiance any classic fireplace would give, without the hassle of choosing the wood and with a much more elegant design. The Bulldang Seat it’s available at 2300$ and was designed by Dupont Neotis Studio, the name stands for “modular armchair-sofa.” By Stefan @ Homedit