17 Inspirational & Outrageously Cool Office Interiors

Mass Studios, Seoul Mass Studios: There’s no doubt that integrating the outdoors with the inside of an office can have a sort of calming effect on the employees that work there, but some offices go above and beyond the ‘green’ theme. Mass Studios in Seoul, Korea is one of the only buildings on earth that needs to be landscaped both outside and inside the space. ING Headquarters, Amsterdam ING Headquarters: This extremely innovative office building in the Netherlands is not only cool on the inside but also the building itself is extraordinarily unique in its design. The 5,600 square meter building is built upon 16 steel legs, and it stands 10 storeys high. The inside of this building contains a total of six inner gardens, 250 seat auditorium, a restaurant, library and ‘flexible’ workspaces that allow employees to change the scenery whenever they fell that they need a change. Pallotta TeamWorks HQ, Los Angeles Pallotta TeamWorks Headquarters: This may be one of the weirdest offices ever created. The individual offices are located inside of shipping containers that are stacked on top of one another. Other areas of the office are located underneath tents that are anchored by the shipping containers / offices. This unique office is a one-of-a-kind creation that is truly a fine piece of design and architecture. Red Bull Office, London Red Bull Office: What do you get when you mix an unlimited supply of Red Bull and a 3 storey office filled with a group of fun-loving employees? You get one of the coolest offices on the planet. Talk about looking forward to coming to work each day, this place has got it all – recreation areas, cafe, comfortable lounge area, bar, floating staircases, slippery slides and much more. TBWA/Chiat/Day Office, New York City TBWA/Chiat/Day Office: TBWA is an ad agency with a very cool office in New York City. This innovative office features a huge wide-open floor plan, full-court basketball court, big-screen TV and even has trees growing inside of the building to give it a more ‘outdoorsy’, or fresh, feeling to the office. FCB Worldwide, California FCB Worldwide: This office is more like a work of art than anything else. This place is laced with sheep skin furniture, and the huge conference room features 150 custom surf boards suspended from the ceiling with steel cables – you won’t see that very often! Disney Store Headquarters, Pasadena Disney Store Headquarters: The magic of Disney can definitely be found at the Disney Store headquarters inside of a huge 85,000 square foot building that was redesigned back in 2007. The coolest part of this office is the conference room surrounded by large, colourful foam blocks, which when taken apart creates seating for up to 200 people during the larger company meetings. DVF Studio, New York City DVF Studio: This innovative building is headquarters of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, and it serves both as an office building and a 5,000 square foot showroom. One of the coolest parts of this building is the stairway which is a cross between a staircase and a chandelier, or ‘stairdelier’, that collects natural light from outside and helps distribute it throughout the building. Nike, London Nike: The 1,500 square meter Nike building in London has won numerous awards for having the most innovative office interior in the world. The 3 floors of office space consists of many different meeting areas from small, intimate settings, to larger rooms with clean lines and even a large cafe for when the employees need a little pick-me-up during the work day. Macromedia Headquarters, San Francisco Macromedia Headquarters: This software giant’s home office is located inside of a registered Historic Landmark built back in 1905. The design of this office is centered on bringing the employees together to create and build upon ideas. In order to do this, huge open areas were created, as well as an auditorium, home theatre room, and a cafe area – it must be tough to go to work each day at Macromedia! Car Repair Shop, Somewhere Car Repair Shop: You don’t always have to be a big tech start-up company to be able to afford a cool office space. This small car repair shop is a great example of how you can create a cool office in a small space. The office chairs are actual seats from cars, and the office desk is made from the hood of a Mitsubishi Lancer – very creative. Google’s Engineering Headquarters, Zurich Google’s Engineering Headquarters: This may just be the ultimate office space. There’s a plethora of ‘relaxation’ rooms with a library, cafe, restaurant and much more. There’s even a huge twisty slide that can get you down to the bottom floor quicker than ever – and if a slide isn’t your thing, you can slide down the fireman poles. Just watch this video to see more of this awesome office. Lego’s Development Department, Billund Lego’s Development Department: This office is designed around the idea of relaxation, stimulation, bright colours – all of which helps to enhance the ability of the workers to think more clearly, and to develop new ideas. This is evident as soon as you walk in the doors of the office and step into the full-service cafe area. This place has a total of 13 meeting rooms, each with its own theme that is supposed to help the employees conjure-up ideas for the next big Lego innovation. Googleplex, Mountain View Googleplex: The Google headquarters is more like a 500,000 square foot city than an office. This eco-friendly building features huge, wide open spaces, windows and natural lighting everywhere, and a huge courtyard for employees to relax in when they get stressed out from playing around at the recreational facilities or pigging-out at the food court. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it! Pixar Studios, Emeryville Pixar Studios: The headquarters of the animation company Pixar is situated on a huge campus in California, which is far from your typical office. The offices here feature loads of creativity and various types of mood lighting, which helps the employees to get their creative juices flowing. It must be working given their recent successes. Three RingsDesign Inc., San Francisco Three RingsDesign Inc.: This 3,000 square foot office features what the employees call a ‘Victorian/Steam Punk’ design theme that is totally customised to fit the needs (and wants) of the employees at this startup video game company. The desks in this office are handmade works of art that each employee designed themselves. Aside from the office itself just looking cool, it also has a pool table, a video game room (of course), a full bar with built-in kegorator for those long nights at the office and even a secret door to the Captain’s Lounge if you need to relax or take a nap. Ilse Media, Netherlands Ilse Media: This office is truly one-of-a-kind – to say the least. Stepping into this place is like stepping into an old 8-bit video game, because there are pixels everywhere. The table, a lunch truck, coat rack, and even the food on the table cloths are all pixelised.